Thinking it would die under the crocodile’s claws, the wildebeest suddenly survived thanks to the hunter’s inexplicable actions.


In the clip, a wildebeest is being bitten on the neck by an adult lioness and then thrown to the ground. The gazelle then began to stop breathing and gradually lost signs of life. Surprisingly, the lion did not eat its prey. Instead, it decided to stand up and calmly walk away, much to the surprise of the tourists.

However, everything was not over as just a few seconds later, the antelope started breathing again and raised its head. Due to the injury to its leg, it could not stand up. Seeing that the antelope was still alive and well, the lion still appeared indifferent. Perhaps, the lion decided to end his hunt in an unbelievable scenario.

Wildebeest are herbivores, often living in herds on the vast African savannah. Like many other herbivores, they often “play the role” of prey in battles with other predators.

The only dangerous weapon it possesses is the sharp horns on its head. However, they are not enough to deal with large predators like lions or leopards.

According to statistics from zoologists, the survival rate of wildebeest from birth to adulthood is very low. It is estimated that only 1 in 6 wildebeest survives the first year of life.

The reason is because wildebeest are an important food source for animals such as lions, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles…