1 against 7 lions, giraffes “counterattack” extremely harsh and sad ending.

Being hit by the lion’s attack consecutively, the giraffe still calmly protested and kicked the predator to the ground.
The clip captures a giraffe being attacked by dozens of lions. They constantly hang on to the prey to bite.

Due to the advantage of height, giraffes make it difficult for hunters to find a way to take down their prey. Some lions were even kicked to the ground by giraffes.

Despite having many wounds on its body, the giraffe was determined to stand and find a way to run away. However, due to the large number of lions, the giraffe was knocked down and lost its life soon after.

Giraffes usually live in savannas, grasslands and open forests. Their main food source is acacia leaves, which they graze at altitudes that most other herbivores cannot reach. Lions can hunt giraffes, and their young are targeted by leopards, spotted hyenas and African wild dogs.

In this clip, the lion can’t attack the prey’s neck directly, this is the lion’s forte to make the prey lose blood and die. By only trying to attack the back, the lion received bitter fruit when he was repeatedly hit by the giraffe’s leg.