A sumptuous dinner named antelope.

There is so much drama happening every day in the animal kingdom. In these heart-stopping images, a gorgeous-looking kudu (a large African antelope) is in serious trouble. 2 hungry hyenas are surrounding him, close to attack.

It originally had enough strength to fend off two predators, but the severe wound to its left hip made it difficult. 2 hyenas did not dare to attack directly but chased kudu making kudu exhausted, when the prey was too tired and collapsed, 2 new hyenas rushed to eat the meat.

With long and sharp horns like two swords, it is the weapon that nature bestowed on the kudu to fend off predators and against enemies. With these horns, the kudu can easily pierce the hyena’s belly, so the cunning hyenas will not choose to confront them directly, but will follow their prey and drive it to the end, exhausting it. .

This is a young kudu being pushed into the stream by the hyenas, perhaps due to exhaustion, he was quickly grabbed by the hyenas and could no longer run.

Soon the other hyenas smelled the scent and drove off in droves. Their shrill cries echo, perhaps they are calling their fellows to enjoy the prey they have just hunted. Soon the kudu was cleaned up, the hyenas had a full meal, and they could sleep well tonight with their bellies full.

The world of wildlife is so cruel, but through this video we will not feel hating animals but on the contrary feel more love for them, they are also worthy of respect and conservation.