Baby monkey is not afraid to have the guts to “slap the face” of the king cobra

Baby monkeys are naughty and brave when deliberately teasing the king cobra – the moving coffin of the natural world.

Dubbed the moving coffin, the king cobra is a formidable man that makes all opponents respect because of its deadly venom.

According to experts, the king cobra has the ability to kill victims, through a bite containing 200-500mg of venom.

In some cases, it can spit out up to 7 ml of venom. This is the amount of venom that can kill an African elephant in a few hours and kill 20 adult men.

Yet someone dares to challenge the king cobra!

It’s a baby monkey. In the short clip, the monkey confronts the king cobra fearlessly.

Even, it constantly “teases” the opponent by raising its paws in front of the venomous snake or approaching and continuously moving.

The angry king cobra puffs up its gills in a ready-to-attack position. When the monkey approached, the snake immediately launched deadly pecks, but the monkeys were faster to dodge.

After “playing” bored, the monkey began to respond with a heavenly slap forcing the king cobra to suffer.

In the end, the venomous snake was weak, had to accept defeat and slithered away. This is a real fight to the death!