Falling “on its face” while hunting hyenas, the lion turned himself into a laughing stock


While accelerating to chase its prey, the male lion suddenly slipped and fell, causing many tourists to laugh.

In the clip, a male lion suddenly speeds up and chases a hyena. However, while running after the enemy, the male lion suddenly lost momentum and slipped on the grass. This situation made the tourists who witnessed it burst into laughter.

Perhaps, because he felt too “humiliated” by his failed hunting situation, the male lion had to sit still.

Lions and hyenas are two enemies full of fate. Although hyenas and lions rarely eat each other, they are rivals in the wildlife world. With their inherently ferocious nature, these two animals are willing to kill their opponents to compete for territory and food sources.

In Africa, hyenas often clash with lions, usually when the hyenas are looking at prey the lions have hunted. However, clashes between them rarely lead to loss of life, because hyenas always avoid direct confrontation with lions.

According to experts, in a one-on-one confrontation, hyenas are no match for lions. Usually it takes 3 hyenas to take down a lion. Both species clearly understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so depending on the moment, they will rush in to deliver a finishing blow to each other.