Python Stealing Komodo Dragon Eggs And The Bitterest Ending For The Blatant Robbers


While wandering around looking for food, the Komodo dragon suddenly encountered a king cobra. Immediately, the dragon rushed towards the opponent and used its strong teeth to firmly grasp the snake’s body.

Encountering a huge opponent, the cobra also proves that he is not an average person. Even though it received a dangerous blow, it still tried to crawl back and bite the dragon’s back.

Unfortunately, this bite did not harm the Komodo dragon’s skin. Finally, the dragon whipped the snake to death on the ground and ate it.

Despite their large bodies, they run quite fast, able to reach speeds of about 20km/h. In addition, they can also dive 5m deep and climb trees like other lizards.

Komodo dragons are carnivores, with their preferred prey being invertebrates, birds, herbivores and mammals. It can destroy many animals much larger than itself such as water buffalo, wild boar or Timor deer with just one terrifying bite.

The venom in the Komodo dragon’s mouth is very toxic, like the poison of many snakes. When they bite, the poison will follow their saliva into the prey’s body. The poison stuns the prey by paralyzing the nerves, dilating blood vessels and preventing blood clotting.