Super giant python strangles monkeys to death, the whole group helplessly watches their fellow animals die

The reticulated python (scientific name Python reticulatus) is a species of python commonly found in Southeast Asia. They are said to be the longest pythons in the world and among the three heaviest pythons in the world. Like all pythons, reticulated pythons are non-venomous and pose no significant threat to humans. However, there have been some cases of people being killed by reticulated pythons.
A giant python pounced and squeezed a monkey’s neck. The whole herd tried to save their fellow humans but all efforts were in vain.

At first, when the python wrapped around its body, the monkey struggled to find a way to escape, but it quickly succumbed to lack of oxygen as the python tightened its grip.

While the trapped monkey was trying to escape, dozens of other monkeys also rushed to try to save him.

But every time they got close, the python raised its head and bared its fangs threateningly, causing the monkeys to panic and run away.

A monkey successfully approached and grabbed its fellow’s tail to pull it away from the python, but it had to give up because the python was too strong.

The man tried to intervene and free the monkey by using a stick to hit the python without success.
A local elderly man also tried to intervene by hitting the python with a stick without success.

It was touching to see the monkeys help their friend avoid death, but I felt very sad because they were not successful.