The mother ostrich was given terrible power by God when she tortured the stupid lion to death when it dared to steal eggs and cubs.

The ostrich is a large, but shy bird. This bird tends to run away when in danger. Their long and dexterous legs allow them to escape quickly.

In the event of an emergency, the ostrich can launch a powerful kick that stuns and even injures the enemy.

The lions have made many viewers “cold” before the cruelty of wild nature with the extremely brutal slaughter of the ostrich cubs.

Not long after seeing the first ray of sunshine in their lives, baby ostriches were able to follow their parents in search of food.

However, their first steps in life quickly turned into tragedy before the lionesses.

Because, the lions did not miss the “God-given” opportunity when rushing to attack and try to kill the ostriches.

although many children escaped quickly, there were still many of its “brothers and sisters” who had to die before the clutches of the “lord of the grasslands”.