The “too fast, too dangerous” chase phase of the wolf and baby cow version: Thrilling until the last minute

Despite being the largest animal in nature, bison still have small but formidable enemies.

Bison are large, scary animals. However, they also have natural enemies. one of them is the wolf. Although not big or strong, wolves are agile and tactical when hunting.

The target of the wolf pack is young bison that are not yet able to protect themselves from predators. Of course, mother cows and other adults always follow their young closely.

Wolves seek to separate their prey’s mother from the pack before attacking. When alone, it is difficult for a mother bison to protect her baby from attacks from all sides by predators.

However, there are still exceptions and this time the mother bison’s fortitude protected her young from the wolves. Predators have also given up on their goals when they feel they cannot succeed.