The wild buffalo “cried” because its leg was bitten by a crocodile and its unexpected escape

Having been bitten by a crocodile and breaking its leg, the young wild buffalo still struggled to escape and ran safely to shore.

Wild buffalo are lucrative prey for any predator because they provide a large amount of food. However, to take down this large prey, not every hunt is smooth.

While drinking water on a river, a baby wild buffalo was attacked by a crocodile by biting its front leg and then pulling it into the water. The sudden attack from the predator caused the baby buffalo to have no time to react and fall into a dangerous position.

However, after a while of struggling, the poor buffalo was lucky enough to escape and run ashore to find a way to survive. However, the price it has to pay is not light at all. A crocodile’s front leg was bitten and broken, causing the baby buffalo to be unable to walk normally.

It can be seen that young animals are always the top targets of predators such as lions, crocodiles, leopards… Even if they are large and strong animals like wild buffalo or elephants, there is still danger. become a meal for predators.