The zebra’s extraordinary efforts help it escape the clutches of the hungry lion.

The zebra is a very special breed of horse that lives in the savannas and savannas of Africa. Unlike its brothers, the zebra has a black and white coat, arranged in stripes from head to toe. This special coloration of zebras has a great effect on helping them survive in the harsh conditions of Africa.

In the video, a lioness can be seen stalking, then rushing towards the zebras, causing them to panic and run away. Taking advantage of the chaos, the lion successfully captured an adult zebra.

It immediately grabbed the neck, then used its claws to pin the poor animal to the ground. Thought this would be the end for zebras, when something unexpected happened.

With an extraordinary will, the zebra tries to struggle, then counterattacks by biting the lion’s body. Being hit by a painful blow, the predator is “stunned” and momentarily let go of the prey.

Taking advantage of the opening, the zebra jumped up to run away, then narrowly escaped death. On the opposite side, the lion can only look at the prey with regretful eyes.

Zebras are always “difficult” prey for lions thanks to their speed and toughness.