Tragedy! Wild Dog Suddenly Became Meal For Giant Crocodile While Hunting Warthog By The Swamp

In the clip, more than 10 wild dogs are quenching their thirst in the swamp when a glimpse of a crocodile is seen. The swamp assassin slowly approached, the wild dogs quickly forming formation to prepare for a big battle.

Despite the overwhelming number of wild dogs, the crocodile still flew ashore to attack actively. Before the majesty of the swamp assassin, the wild dogs became small and pitiful.

The whole pack of wild dogs did not dare to approach the crocodile but only stood from afar to defend.

Faced with a massive hunting machine with a length of up to 5m, possessing strong jaws that can create a bite with a bite force of 1,700kg, not only wild dogs, but any animal must respect.

After giving the children a terrible warning, the king of the swamp slowly and slowly returned to his kingdom.

Not possessing a large, strong body, not being equipped with powerful weapons by nature such as horns, claws …, but in the wild African natural world, wild dogs are animals. the most effective predator.