While going ashore to bask in the sun, the crocodile accidentally encountered three ferocious hungry lions.


To be able to peacefully enjoy the feeling of rest while starving for sunlight, the crocodile must carefully choose the location where it rests. However, not every time the crocodile goes ashore to bask in the sun, he can rest peacefully.

Images recorded in Kruger National Park, South Africa show an unusual clash between a lion and a crocodile. This time, even though he hid in the bushes to bask in the sun, the lions still discovered him. Three hungry lions rushed to attack the crocodile even though it was not their favorite prey.

A seemingly uneven clash. Despite its extremely large appearance, crocodiles still cannot fight against enemies.

If you don’t have one eye, you’ll be crippled. Indeed, things happen like that. The crocodile was beaten to death by the lions and quickly retreated underwater to save its life.