While quenching its thirst, the wild elephant suddenly had its trunk grabbed by a crocodile. This reckless action caused the crocodile to suffer serious consequences.


Rivers in Africa always contain dangers. Any animal must be careful when drinking water and playing in the river.

In the clip, an adult forest elephant is going with two baby elephants to the riverbank to drink water. While quenching his thirst, he was attacked by a crocodile.

Immediately the elephant threw its trunk high, knocking the crocodile hard into the water. Then it used its foot to stomp on the swamp lord’s body and luckily escaped the crocodile’s jaws. After the attack, the crocodile quickly hid in the water for fear of suffering a terrible counterattack from the leading elephant.

Dubbed the most terrible “killing machine” in the natural world. Crocodiles are always a terrible fear of animals living in the water and near the shore. Possessing unrivaled bite force, crocodiles can devour antelopes, buffaloes, zebras and countless other animals that live near river banks and swamps.

Despite being famous for being cold-blooded meat eaters, it is very rare for crocodiles to attack and eat elephants and hippos. In rare cases, crocodiles only attack elephants when there are herds, because with a body weighing up to tons, crocodiles can hardly neutralize their prey in normal ways.