A flock of brave crows faces a giant eagle in an aerial battle, will they be able to conquer the dream sky?


A group of crows attacked an eagle that was larger than them. The crows surrounded the intruder and began to attack. The crows always try to move because the giant eagle can perform a fatal counterattack.

The crows knew that if they faced a strong enemy in a one-on-one fight there would be many disadvantages, but by cooperating many members together, they had the advantage. One by one the crows charged at the eagle while the others surrounded the predator in a surprisingly organized formation.

The air battle lasted about 30 minutes, the bird of prey soon realized that it had lost its advantage and began to retreat. With a combination of courage and intelligence, smart birds can defeat a predator almost twice their size.

Crows belong to a genus with about 46 species of different sizes. Some species in this genus have high intelligence. A small-billed crow (Corvus corone) has been recorded to crack nuts by placing it on a walkway across the street, allowing passing cars to break the shell. Then, they wait for the traffic light to turn red and then safely collect the nucleus.