The giant python intended to swallow the weak lion cub, but unfortunately for it, the mother lion was not far away.


Encountering a weak lion cub, the python seemed subjective in assessing the situation. It rushed to attack the lion cub. I thought I was about to devour a hearty lunch.

But, unfortunately for the python alone, the mother lion was not far away. Realizing that her cub was in danger, the mother lion immediately rushed forward and took this opportunity to teach her cub one of the lessons of hunting in wild life. It is fighting with pythons, a large reptile.

With the help of the mother lion, the cub turns the odds and turns the giant python into lunch.

The python knew he had been overtaken, so he quickly let go of the lion cub and tried to escape. But everything was too late. The unlucky python turned into a hearty lunch for the lion mother and son.