Crocodile surrounded by lions attacks whether the “swamp killer” surrenders?

The clip recording the clash between the crocodile “lord of the swamp” and the lion “lord of the steppe” surprised many witnesses.

The clip shows the moment the lions crossed the lake and saw a crocodile lying in the sun. The lions immediately showed the strength of the “lords of the steppe” when rushing to attack the crocodile.

If in the water, the crocodile can play the role of “lord” and is ready to attack any animal that comes close to the surface of the water, but when on land, the lion dominates completely.
It was thought that the crocodile could hardly escape and became a meal for the fierce lions. However, the outcome of this clash surprised many people.

Although superior in numbers, the lions understood that confronting and subduing a large crocodile is not easy. Just being bitten by a crocodile, a lion can be seriously injured and even lose his life.

Conversely, crocodiles also know that encountering lions on land is suicide. The crocodile fought fiercely and tried to approach the lake. Finally, the crocodile’s resistance also worked, as the animal was able to get close to the water and escape.

As soon as the crocodile left, the lions continued to lie beside the lake as if nothing had happened.