I was about to lie down on vacation, but unexpectedly, the hippo gave the lion a life-long shot.

Hippos are especially aggressive when it comes to trespassing their territory and touching their offspring. That is why it is very easy for the aborigines in Africa to lose their lives when they accidentally invade the territory of the hippo. They will chase, drag them into the lagoon, bite their boat.
In the wild, hippos and lions rarely meet face to face. That’s because one species lives on land, and the other specializes in dipping in rivers and puddles.

So every time this happens, wildlife lovers expect a fiery encounter between two powerful animals, which rarely retreat from their opponents.

However, in reality, a lion will always be overwhelmed by hippos, if they are in the same condition, because hippos are much more aggressive.

In a video recorded by tourists, a male lion is calmly resting on a rock under the riverbank.

Choosing a rather inconvenient place to stay put the lion against the hippo, one of the most ferocious animals in the world.

In the video, the hippopotamus can be seen directing their eyes to the lion, although the animal has no intention of attacking. An adult hippopotamus approached quietly, before leaping onto the rock with its mouth wide open towards the lion.

At this point, everyone has probably thought about a war that will break out between the two most powerful animals in Africa, with the hippo as the “trigger”, and the lion – with his bravery, will Don’t ignore the opponent. However, what happened was completely different.

Witnessing the aggressive action of the hippo, the lion did not even have the slightest resistance, but hurriedly jumped into the water to escape. The pride of the “steppe king” is clearly not enough to help it have the courage to confront the “swamp killer”.

This is definitely a life lesson for the lion when it intends to enter hippo territory.