Eagle Vs Leopard Epic Battle! The Eagle’s Revenge When The Leopard Invades Its Territory

Among the four largest species in the cat family (tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard), although the leopard is the species with the lowest strength index, it is the top in terms of hunting rate. .

The reason is because leopards are a species with extremely intelligent and extremely effective hunting tactics.

They often hunt at low light such as dawn, after dusk or when it is completely dark. A successful hunt for a leopard is determined by the accuracy of the process of tracking, stalking and then attacking and taking down the prey. When a leopard catches its prey, it will finish it off by biting its throat to cause it to lose blood and suffocate to death.

Leopards have a modest height, but in return they are very good at climbing. This animal can carry prey twice its body weight and then climb trees. This is a special skill that few species can do.

Even though he had to fight on a very high tree, with his cunning, the leopard did not take too long to defeat the eagle and get a worthy meal for himself.