Dramatic Moments! Brave Hedgehog Fights With Leopard To Protect His Children

In the clip, a mother hedgehog is leading her two cubs down the road, followed by the father hedgehog. Just then, a leopard appeared and attacked the hedgehog family.

Witnessing this scene, most tourists thought that the porcupine family would become a meal for leopards. However, instead of running away, the father and mother hedgehog used their bodies to cover and protect their two young children. They coordinate with each other, using sharp spikes to fight the leopard. When the hunter lunged to pounce, the pair of porcupines turned their backs and raised their spines.

During the fight, they always make sure the two cubs are in the middle and out of the leopard’s reach. A few minutes later, the leopard had to give up and retreat into the bushes. The hedgehog family continues to move across the road safely.

Leopards (Panthera pardus) are one of four species of big cats in the genus Panthera that live in Africa and Asia. Although smaller in size than other big cats, leopards are formidable predators. The food of African leopards is very diverse, from antelopes, zebras, monkeys to rodents such as rabbits, mice or porcupines…

In the natural environment, adult porcupines are also the target of many hunters. But this rodent always knows how to defend itself. It will erect its long, spiky spines and tail towards its enemy, ready to injure or even kill the opponent.