Even though seriously injured, the zebra still tried to turn back, using its teeth to bite the crocodile’s neck and back. Can the extraordinary effort overcome evil?


Specifically, while wading across the river with its brethren, an adult zebra was approached and attacked from behind by a crocodile.

After grabbing the prey’s leg, the swamp killer performed a “death spin” that almost broke the zebra’s hind leg. Despite the pain, the zebra still uses all its strength to move forward. However, it was approached by enemies again.

While death was approaching, the zebra immediately turned its head and used its teeth to bite hard into the crocodile’s neck and back. Being suddenly “counterattacked”, the crocodile painfully let go of its prey and temporarily retreated. However, due to serious injuries, the unfortunate zebra later had to die before a herd of hungry crocodiles.

Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous predators in nature. With their strength and skills, they can attack any animal that is drinking water or swimming near rivers and swamps.

It looks slow, but crocodiles are very agile at short distances, even outside the water. They have extremely strong jaws and sharp teeth to tear flesh. After using his powerful bite, the crocodile pulled the victim into the river to drown until he suffocated. When their prey is dead, they begin to enjoy their meal.