The baby was caught while crossing the river, the mother zebra chased the rocks and bit the leopard to save the baby but was unsuccessful.


The jaguar group tried to take down the baby, causing the mother zebra to go crazy and hunt down the entire jaguar family.

A herd of hungry jaguars discovered a mother and baby zebra crossing the river and immediately plotted to capture the colts. A suitable prey and enough food for the whole leopard family for about a week. However, the jaguar family’s hunt encountered strong resistance from the mother zebra.

Seeing that her baby was in danger, the zebra mother became angry and chased down the jaguar’s entire family. From hunters to runners, the jaguars curled their tails trying to escape while the mother zebra chased closely. The mother horse aggressively ran and used her front legs to attack the jaguar.

Even though it has the fastest speed on land, the jaguar still has to try its best to escape the wrath of its mother zebra. Escaping the terrifying danger, the jaguar herd stared blankly at the mother and her prey as they boldly walked away.