Incredible Lone Leopard Catches Baboon in Front of His Troop

Discovering that the leopard was approaching the riverbank to drink water, the group of baboons immediately surrounded it and let out frightening cries, causing their opponents to run away.

Leopards and baboons are two admirable enemies, and heated disputes often occur between them. Given the opportunity, this big cat will never spare the monkeys. That’s why baboons are always alert when facing leopards.

In this clip, when they discovered their enemy was approaching the riverbank, the group of monkeys quickly let out loud cries to warn their fellow humans as well as scare their opponents.

Perhaps due to fear of being attacked by a monkey, the leopard immediately ran away. Seeing this, some monkeys even recklessly rushed to chase the leopard.

Baboons are the most ferocious animals on earth. Their claws are sharper than those of tigers and their jaws have a bite force of up to 3.5kg/cm2.

Not only do they have enough weapons to destroy enemies, but they are also very intelligent. In addition, they also possess a large number, high solidarity, and enough strength to attack any leopard wandering in their area.