Seeing their fellow humans being surrounded and bitten by dozens of lions, the wild buffalo herd rushed to the rescue, forcing the predators to “abandon their property and run for their lives”.


This impressive confrontation was recorded by a tourist in Serengeti National Park. In the clip, when a herd of wild buffaloes were discovered wandering around looking for food on the grassland, the lions tried to approach
then caught a male buffalo.

Despite being superior in numbers, the lions still could not defeat their prey as easily as they had calculated.

Meanwhile, when being continuously attacked and stalked by predators, wild buffalo immediately launched fierce counterattacks. He was determined not to let the lions defeat him, because he knew that if he was knocked down by a predator, death would come to him more easily.

However, after a while of struggling, something unexpected happened. When they heard the cries of their fellows, the wild buffalo herd rushed to rescue the member in distress. Seeing that there were too many enemies, the lions immediately “gave up their property and ran for their people”, sadly letting their prey escape.

The African wild buffalo, also known as the Cape buffalo, is one of the Big Five, along with lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants. This buffalo can weigh 1,000 kg. Wild buffalo are widely distributed in eastern and southern Africa and are not an endangered species.