Rock pythons are “Hard” like rock pythons, determined not to lose their prey to the clutches of hyenas

A hyena wanders around looking for food. It accidentally witnessed a giant python defeating its prey. As the python begins the lengthy process of devouring its prey, it is interrupted by hyenas who immediately take advantage of the easy lunch.

Hyenas are extremely curious animals. They will investigate any clue that might guarantee them a meal. And the python fell into their sights. The hyenas came closer and approached the python. The python recognized the danger.

It quickly defends and protects its prey. The python unleashed a powerful bite that startled a hyena, but it quickly dodged the fatal bite. Two hyenas surrounded them, waiting for an opportunity to steal the python’s prey.

But after exploring for a while, they realized that pythons are not easy opponents to defeat. So they left and found other prey.