The hippo was so sick that it didn’t even bother to react to the hyenas trying to tear it apart.


Reckless and opportunistic, that’s what people talk about when people talk about hyenas. They will not miss any opportunity to get food. And this time too.

They have never been opponents of hippos, but when they discovered a sick hippo lying on the riverbank, they still decided to advance.

The hippo was having major health problems, the problem was so severe that he didn’t even bother to react while the hyenas tried to tear him apart. However, hyenas also have difficulty when the hippo’s skin is too thick, making it impossible for them to easily reach their goal. As for the hippo, when it felt too much to bear, it tried to go down to the river.

At first, the hyena still followed the hippo into the water, but when the prey entered deeper water, it had to helplessly return to shore. And the hippo lies in one place. Although the hyenas cannot do anything to the hippo, with its current health condition, it is difficult for the hippo to survive much longer.