The wildebeest wrestles with the crocodile, returning from the water of death


A stray wildebeest was caught by a crocodile and dragged into the fast-flowing water to eat. Thanks to the resilience and refusal to surrender to fate, the prey broke out of the crocodile’s jaws and successfully returned to land. The Mara River (Tanzania, Narok, Kenya) is considered the river of death for ungulates. Along with the fast-flowing water ready to sweep away any careless animal, this place is also home to notorious predators such as lions, leopards, hyenas and especially the turbid water death god – crocodile.

Because the river is located on the migratory path of ungulates in the Serengeti/Maasai Mara animal reserve, every day an unfortunate animal is separated from the herd and fed to the ferocious crocodiles.

A wildebeest was left behind by its fellow species because it was attacked by a crocodile. Struggling unsuccessfully, the tired antelope decided to give up. The crocodile slowly drags its prey into the brown water to eat it.

At this moment, the antelope suddenly became strangely energetic, struggled continuously and finally escaped the crocodile’s giant jaws.

The poor animal used all its strength to wade to shore, right behind the following crocodile. In the end, luck also belonged to the antelope, it was able to find its way to shore and run for its life with three intact legs. Even though today he lost a leg, he still kept his life.