The lion almost died because he was attacked by a wildebeest. Will he be able to recover in the end?


Being attacked by a lion, the African blue wildebeest immediately counterattacked and then made a comeback that made the hunter howl.

Connochaetes taurinus) was hunted by the most fearsome hunter on the African savannah. Immediately afterwards, the wildebeest was bitten in the throat by the lioness.

At this time, the battle seemed to be arranged when a surprise happened. In just a split second, the antelope frantically attacked, knocking the lioness into the sky with her powerful horns. Being unexpectedly counterattacked, the predator immediately dodged the attack and ran away.

While chasing, the wildebeest suddenly slipped. Seeing that, the lion immediately turned back to attack again. However, before it could carry out its intention, it was knocked into the air by an antelope again. Subjected to continuous attacks, the lion chose to retreat to preserve his life.

Wildebeest are animals native to Africa. They eat grass and often travel in herds, often combining with zebras in large groups. In nature, their main enemies are lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards and crocodiles. However, wildebeest are very strong. They can even cause serious injuries to lions.