Zebra in a desperate attempt to escape being eaten by a herd of eight lions at a park.

Mentioning lions, people will think of animals who have a hobby of turning the surrounding animals into their food. Therefore, no animal dares to approach the lion, for fear of appearing at the right time of the lion’s hunger.

Today the weather is very nice, very suitable for hunting, so the lions invite each other to hunt, not knowing what today’s meal will be.

While they were engrossed in searching around, they sensed the sound of zebras nearby. Soon they found the zebra’s hiding place.

With the skills available to them, they are also very quick to hold back their prey not to escape. Today is a bad day for zebras. It is too difficult for a zebra alone to fight a herd of lions, they are really too strong and too scary.

The zebra weighed in despair as the lions gnawed their teeth into the body of their prey and devoured it while it was still alive.

One of them proceeded to bite the zebra’s neck, forcing the poor creature to lie there, as the bloody lions devoured them all within 30 minutes.

The sight was not unusual for predators like a lion, because it ate countless such animals.
Viewers may find it hard to resist, but that’s what nature is for us to enjoy and preserve that is worth cherishing and preserving.