Whether when traveling with a group, plus speed and endurance, wild dogs can defeat prey many times larger than themselves.

These 21 wild dogs have been active in the sanctuary for the past week and that day they roamed the banks of the Mlowathi River
The dogs encountered a small antelope and drove the prey toward large rocks.

As for the klipspringer, although it is very difficult to deal with these predators in their habitat, they possess the right elements to live on rocky outcrops. Sharp claws allow them to move quickly and deftly on rocks as shown in the video. Living in such areas also often helps them avoid larger predators.

“What makes this scene especially impressive is that wild dogs aren’t very good at climbing. Their paws are completely unlike what we are seeing. It’s unbelievable what wild dogs are. It doesn’t slip. Hunting keeps everyone’s attention and suspense waiting to see what happens next.”

However, the feral dogs gradually lost interest and left to continue feeding. Then they hunted an antelope