Could a hungry stomach be the cause of a leopard’s tragic death when stealing bait from a crocodile?


A hungry leopard was wandering around looking for food when he discovered the bait. It was the carcass of an antelope floating in the river. It approached the riverbank and tried to take over the body.

However, unfortunately for the leopard, as soon as it reached the riverbank, it discovered that the crocodile was also there. Under water, it is completely outmatched by crocodiles. However, his hungry stomach did not allow him to give up easily. It approached the edge of the water, using its claws and roar to try to scare away the crocodile.

Its actions were not only ineffective but also made the crocodile angry. Every time the leopard approaches the water’s edge, the crocodile rises up and opens its wide mouth full of teeth in challenge.

The bait is in the crocodile’s territory, the leopard has almost no chance to take it. In the end, he had to hold his hungry stomach and leave to find another opportunity.