Even though they tried to fight back, the wild buffalo still couldn’t fight against 8 lions and had to surrender their lives to the predator.


The intense fight between a wild buffalo and a herd of lions was recorded by tourists while visiting Kruger National Park, South Africa.

While wandering around grazing along the dry riverbank, the lone male buffalo suddenly fell into the sights of eight lions resting about 200 meters away. However, because the wind was strong, the wild buffalo did not detect the presence of predators.

Immediately afterwards, a female lion gently approached its prey from behind. Only then did the wild buffalo realize something was wrong and turned around. Instinctively, it rushed to chase the enemy but was immediately surrounded by a herd of lions.

Thanks to their overwhelming numbers, they slowed down their prey’s attack speed by biting its hind legs and jumping up on its back, grabbing its spine. Finally, the wild buffalo exhausted its strength and was pinned down to the ground by a herd of lions to eat.

Lions are highly “social” species, they live in large groups of 15-40 animals. In a pride there will be many adult males, female lions and their cubs. However, in a pride of female lions, 85-90% of the hunting is done. Meanwhile, males are responsible for protecting the herd and territory from rival herds or other predators.

Lions’ prey are wild boar, warthog, buffalo, antelope, deer, gazelle and zebra. These prey are often killed by strangulation, not by the lion’s sharp teeth.