Waiting for the lions to finish off the buffalo, the crocodile immediately rose from the lake and tried to steal the prey but failed.


After a successful hunt, the two lionesses and their cub were enjoying their meal when a large crocodile appeared. The crocodile emerged from the lake, crawled to the sandy shore and then headed straight towards the lions with the clear intention of stealing the buffalo carcass.

Driven by hunger, the lions refused to back down and give up their food. At this time, a tense confrontation began to occur. The crocodile also did not want to give up the opportunity, so it deliberately opened its mouth wide to threaten its opponent.

Although threatened by the crocodile, the lions quickly realized that this was not their equal opponent, so they quickly turned back and finished their meal.

Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous predators in nature. With their strength and skills, they can attack any animal that is drinking water or swimming near rivers and swamps.

Meanwhile, lions are one of the most fearsome predators across the African grasslands. Female lions are the main hunters, prey including antelopes, zebras, wildebeests and a number of other mammals. Male lions protect the territory of the entire pride.

Thanks to their outstanding strength, plus their sharp teeth and claws, they can defeat many other animals for food. The fastest way to defeat prey that African lions often use is to attack the prey’s respiratory system, bite or tear the throat.