Realizing that he was no match for the lion, the cobra quickly retreated and left his prey to fight.


This unexpected scene was recorded by Daniel Anthony, a tour guide working at Sabi Sands Nature Reserve, South Africa.

In the clip, two lions are standing facing a cobra in the middle of the road. Of course, the lion did not recklessly attack the poisonous snake. Meanwhile, the cobra also knew that he was no match for the two lions, so he quickly crawled into the bushes along the road.

The cobra then had to choose between sacrificing its meal or becoming the meal.

The snake chose the first option and rushed safely into the bush. Meanwhile, the lizard has to face death.”

The surprising thing is that instead of running away, the lizard chose to stay to face the lion. At this time, with just one swing of the lion’s paw, the lizard will lose its life. Luckily, it escaped death and crawled safely into the bushes.