Jaguars hunt birds right from the nest to make an epic snack.

Referring to the jaguar, people immediately think of the most wild animal in the wildlife world. They used to hunt many different kinds of big and small. Any prey that catches the eye of the jaguar is difficult to avoid.

Today, the jaguar continues to go out to hunt, unlike every other day, the jaguar has to go to the deep forest, today it stopped right at a bird’s nest.

This is when dedicated researchers recognized a leopard as one of the culprits who had stolen the chicks from the hornbill’s nest.

The culprit was caught by the camera in the nest. Leopards try to catch baby birds with one leg.

The leopard tries to grab the baby bird with one leg
The leopard managed to get a baby hornbill out of the nest and started examining it.

Fortunately, this camera came at the right time and really helped us better understand these birds and the natural predators they face. It is very rare to catch predatory events on our photo traps.