The python devoured the antelope in a terrifying way

African rock pythons are seen quite often in Londolozi, but only really happen during the warm summer months. Most of the individuals encountered are quite small and exotic, exceeding two meters in length. Real games, which can be more than five meters long, are rarely seen.

After hearing the cry for help, they investigated and discovered a young antelope breathing its last in the arms of a python. Pythons are constrictors in general, which means they stab their victims to death instead of poisoning them. This way, the wire wraps around the prey and hugs it every time they exhale, any animals that don’t absorb the bait will be able to absorb less and less oxygen with each breath until they die.

Knowing how strange the sight of an antelope turned into a leopard python.
When we got there, just looked around a few times the antelope carcass where it lay on the long grass.

As soon as the sun went down, the python began to drag the antelope to some of the more overgrown bushes. Then the real gripping part of the scene begins as the python unfurls its incredible jaws to begin devouring its prey. Pythons will always try to challenge the antelope’s head first, and their jaws are specially adapted to hold large amounts of food.

The pythons deliberately enthrall the donkeys with their reels, making it easy to get the ribs on the carcass. Surely the stomach of this python is very wide.

It will most likely take a week or two to digest its meal and possibly survive on that lone gazelle for months to come, certainly long enough for it to weather the approaching cold winter. . . .