The buffalo’s unhappy vacation is disturbed by the lioness.

Mentioning lions, people will immediately think of cold-blooded animals. It is not natural that people call the lion by the familiar name of the king of the forest. Perhaps because lions almost dominate the wildlife world.

In contrast, the buffalo lion is a gentle, hard-working animal with many good qualities, and especially this species only likes to eat plants, rarely seeing them fight or bully other species.

Lions and buffaloes are sworn enemies, because buffalo are always the most hunted by lions, because with one specimen they can also raise the most herds.

Today the weather is hot, when the work is done, the buffalo rewards himself with a vacation under a cool pond. Suddenly a lion appeared from an unknown time, the buffalo did not know the presence of the lion. When he found out, he was bitten and stopped once.

But fortunately for the buffalo because today the lion does not seem to be interested in water. Because of not being able to reach this prey, the lion also chose to leave.

If this buffalo cannot be hunted, there will certainly be other prey for the lion to enjoy. Will the prey continue to receive the lion’s visit?