The peak of the buffalo’s escape from a hungry crocodile for a few days.

Referring to crocodiles, people will immediately think of the most bloodthirsty animals in the wildlife world, they have proficient hunting skills that are practiced daily. Therefore, any prey that catches its eye is difficult to escape.
In this latest animal observation, an aspiring Nile crocodile took his chance with an adult buffalo as they battled it.


The roar of buffalo paws shook the ground as a huge herd of buffalo approached the waterhole. They were about to sit and drink water at night when chaos broke out from deep within the dam.” Buffaloes are water-dependent animals, which means they will visit a water source at least twice a day.


Unlike many smaller animals, buffalo approach waterholes and rivers without concern or caution. Their large size makes them big enough for crocodiles to stay away. “When the buffalo started drinking, there was an explosion in front of the herd.

An alligator grabs the snout of an adult buffalo drinking water. The buffalo let out a low, dull roar that echoed through the surrounding bushes. The rest of the group watched in amazement.


The battle continued with the buffalo trying to escape and the crocodile clinging to it to every fiber of its body. A sight like this is unusual as an alligator would not risk injury and loss of energy to an animal the size of a buffalo. However, this large alligator is probably having an appetite.

Although many animals thrive during the rainy season, crocodiles are one of the few that suffer. With easy access to drinking water, smaller animals are not forced to venture to large waterholes to quench their thirst.

This means that crocodiles need to adapt and move from large river systems and dams to smaller river systems and dams in the hopes of catching a meal by surprise. “In the end, the buffalo escaped and the crocodile retreated back to safe waters.